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Would you like to learn how to CBN and have one of your own personal pictures converted into a CBN pattern?                                       You can also learn how to earn some extra cash with CBN.

The CBN Training Materials consist of training patterns and video links. You will be able to train at your own pace whenever you like. Email any questions to cbn@crochetbynumbers.com. You will need any sized hook, scissors and 4 colors of yarn for the training. Make the colors of yarn black, a dark color, light color and white. Email the picture you want converted into a CBN pattern to cbn@crochetbynumbers.com. 

Payments will be transacted through PayPal but you don't have to have a PayPal account. You will need a credit or debit card. Click on the Buy Now button and type in 75 not $75 in the Price Per Item box. Type in CBN Training Materials in the Description box.
Examples of CBN Projects
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You will have 3 options for earning some money with CBN. 

Option 1 is a FREE option. You will learn how to find students for CBN. You can earn $25 per student of the $75 class. 

Option 2 you will need to have taken the CBN online class. You can earn $45 per student of the $75 class.

Option 3 you will need to get CBN Certified. It does cost $210. You will learn how to build a team for an opportunity to earn $75,000 a year

Email the option you prefer to cbn@crochetbynumbers.com